Another Unrealistic Nursing Informatics Salary Average Survey From HIMMS for 2014

The latest nursing informatics salary came out in February 2014 and it shows that the nursing informatics average salary is $100,717.

The last survey in 2011 claimed that the average salary was around $98,000, and because of this survey, I received many emails saying something along the lines of, I got a job offer and it pays way less than the 100k I was expecting. Should I take the job offer?

As I tell the readers of the blog, if you have no experience in the field, most likely your starting salary will be a lot lower than the average salary quoted by the HIMSS suvey.

If you do have experience in the field, then maybe your salary will higher, but even then, depending on many other factors, I find it highly unlikely that a usual informatics job is paying close to 100k.

With the new survey of 2014, unfortunately the misinformation continues.

And I say misinformation because the number of participants to the survey was less than a 1,000 and according to the survey, 46% of the participants “had more than seven years of
informatics experience.”

Obviously, the more years of experience you have the higher the salary you might have, and that’s why I wonder—what would the result be if 50% of the participants had less than 2 years of experience in the field?

In fact, what would the average be if 50% of the participants had less than a year of experience in the field and even better, what if the 50% of the participants in the survey were entry level candidates?

I’m willing to bet if these type of participants were included in the survey, the nursing informatics averages will be a lot lower.

Nonetheless, according to the survey:

Respondents were asked to report their base salary (not including benefits or bonuses) as of December 1, 2013.

A total of 970 respondents (93 percent) provided valid data in this area.

Salaries among the nurse informaticist respondents continued to increase when compared to previous surveys.

The average salary in 2014 was $100,717; up from $98,703 in 2011, $83,675 in 2007 and $69,500 in 2004.

As I discussed in my older post based on the 2011 survey, out in the field, I usually see that salaries are not as high as this survey claims to be.

That’s why I have compiled a chart of salaries in different cities based on salaries offered in different job boards. This gives a better picture of what employers are paying out there, and is definitely more in line of what I see when I’m out implementing different projects across the country.

Yes, it is definitely possible to make the 100k salary in nursing informatics as the HIMSS survery claims, but that’s not the reality for many working in the field.

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Chris Smith works as a clinical analyst consultant with 9 years of experience working in the nursing informatics field. He started this blog to help others learn more about nursing informatics because he got tired of reading a lot of misinformation about this field on the web. You can connect with Chris on Google+

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